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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Typewriter Collecting 30 Years Ago

In 1981, Time-Life Books published a revised second printing of The Encyclopedia of Collectibles, leading off with this chapter on Typewriters ("Machines That Write" - gee whiz!). Time-Life does not make it clear who wrote the chapter, although it lists its typewriter consultant as David Golden. However, the piece is written in the first-person and the page one breakout seems to indicate it was written by the late typewriter collector and historian Paul Lippman, author of the 1991 book American Typewriters: A Collector's Encyclopedia.


shordzi said...

Thank you, very interesting indeed.

Richard P said...

Love that story about Sutherland and the understroke.

I'm very sorry I didn't get to meet Lippman. It was his book that removed the scales from my eyes.

Steve Snow said...

I like the way some of it's written: "the grasshopper like action makes it (the Williams) desirable". Comes across as sounding like: "so if you're bored this weekend, just pop down to your local Vinnies store and pick one up; it'll entertain you for at least an hour or so". As opposed to if I was the author: "wow!! This thing is more amazing than space ships, what a work of art!!". Very interesting read