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Monday 13 January 2014

Henry Wolf's Olivetti Studio 45 Typewriter Adverts

These images were created for Olivetti in 1969 by Henry Wolf. Wolf (born Vienna, Austria, May 23, 1925; died New York, February 14, 2005) was an American graphic designer, photographer and art director. He influenced and energised magazine design during the 1950s and 1960s with his bold layouts, elegant typography and whimsical cover photographs while serving as art director at Esquire, Bazaar, and Show magazines. Wolf opened his own photography studio, Henry Wolf Productions, in 1971, while also teaching magazine design and photography classes. In 1976 Wolf was awarded the American Institute of Graphic Arts Medal for Lifetime Achievement, and in 1980 he was inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame.


Anonymous said...

The Duke looks ready to use it as an ashtray! Those ads wouldn't sell me on a '45 - although as a boy I did have a massive crush on Twiggy.

Richard P said...

These are great.

Did you see the new-old-stock 45 that recently sold on eBay?

rino breebaart said...

That Duke ad is great. He's using the right paper too.