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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Olivetti Lettera 35 Portable Typewriter and Manual

Picked up typewriter, case and manual for a song at a recycling centre today. Too hard to resist. The colour is wheat, by the way, not taupe. 


Richard P said...

Good find! These are well made.

By coincidence, someone in the UK asked me just a week ago whether I had a manual for the L35. Now I can point him to your blog. I'll also put this on my website.

Jasper Lindell said...

You found a reasonably priced typewriter at one of Canberra's recycling centres? I didn't think it was possible any longer. Hope has been renewed!

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog and your delightful post about the Olivetti Lettera 35 because I just bought one!

Tim Baber said...

I just found a Thrift Store discarded Olivetti Lettera 35 as new in a slightly scuffed case. Personally I am a big DTP fan and now blogs of course. But it is too good not to mark its resurfacing. One owned by Cormac McCarthy was sold for charity for $254,500 but I see they can reach over £100 here. I am grateful for the material on this site. I worked for 30 years in Bournemouth where there used to be a typewriter museum (sold to the Council for car parking extra spaces) We had his oversized book on typewriter history in my library and when it was withdrawn I took it to his flat in Bournemouth as a gift. He had throat cancer and must have died since then, in the 80's. I do not know what to do with this as trying to hide my communications using a typewriter (like in a film) is a stage we have passed now, the NSA and Extreme Process Psyops has beaten me to find a way to opt out of that stuff.
Here is a link to my printing a newspaper: and monarch is me filling in what we never knew compared with this website: I mention that as it makes an "overwind" or cloud now a very real usurper of what we used to communicate by creative thought reflection and an editing process using typing. I suggest typewriters like amateur radio, be stored and used with loving care..little else will be.

Robert Messenger said...

Tim. I think the author you are referring to was known as "Wilf Beeching" (not his birth name, he changed it by deed poll before war). You will find a short bio of him on the blog, among typewriter book authors. You will also find some questions about McCarthy's Lettera 32.

Ian said...

Great article.

Do you know what the difference between a 35 and a 35L is?