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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Red Letter Day - Typewriters on Father's Day in Oz

We celebrated Father's Day in Australia yesterday and I was taken to a very pleasant lunch by my son Danny and soon-to-be daughter-in-law Emily. Typewriters for the coming wedding were on the menu. No, I didn't get the red Corona 4 portable typewriter as a gift, I've had that for quite a while now. But I was given a pack of Museum of Modern Art note cards, which seem to have stolen Piotr Trumpiel's idea of putting a pop-up typewriter inside.
My hands have been a bit busy in the past week, so a short break today was most welcome.


TonysVision said...

My near-pristine red Corona 4 is one of the three I keep on display (along with my Oliver 9 and the Royal 10 rescued from a trash can in the late 1960's*). It works fine, but has the endearing issue that the characters are randomly impressed as red, black, or halfway in between. I'm keeping it that way.

* The Valentine is in its case, but ready to pull out in a moment to elicit Ooos and Ahhs. The best machines, but totally boring to the less enlightened visitors, like the SM9, Studio 44, and S-C Sterling, are safe in their cases.

Thanks for yet another enjoyable and informative post.

Miguel Chávez said...

Happy Father's Day! Those Coronas are indeed beautiful! I have a spruce green machine my mechanic nicknamed "The Green Nightmare" because of all the troubles it gave him when he refurbished it. Now it works great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful machine! I've heard of the Art Deco style before, but not Duco. I honestly can't make up my mind which typewriter I want next.

Richard P said...

Happy Father's Day! Love that photo of the two of you.

Anonymous said...

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