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Friday, 5 September 2014

What a Week!

I haven't had a week like this in living memory. It is due to reach a crescendo today, when, all things going according to Hoyle, as many as 40 more typewriters leave this place.
On Sunday I heard from Sydney typewriter collector, retiring politician Richard Amery, that he had a brief break in New South Wales Government business and wanted to visit the typewriter museum the next day. I was delighted to have the chance to see him again, as Richard hadn't been in Canberra since he opened the typewriter exhibition here in July 2012. Richard arrived with Terry Cooksley on Monday morning and the two spent more than four hours here, taking away about 12 typewriters that they bought between them. It was highly appropriate that Richard should see the museum in this latest setting, before all the displays are completely dismantled and it no longer exists, as it was he who had opened the museum when it was first established in Narrabundah, in 2007. I think it's highly likely that Richard and Terry will have been the last people to see the museum in its (almost) full bloom.
I had a day to recover from all this excitement before making another two-hour typewriter presentation, this time to a packed thearette at Goodwin House in Canberra. This required packing the typewriter-mobile with boxes of typewriters for a temporary, small exhibition, also possibly for the last time. What most certainly will not be seen on display again here in Australia is the lovely little burgundy Groma Kolibri, which is heading for London next week, destined for the collection of Piotr Trumpiel (as has been noted in comments on my typewriters-for-sale post on Tuesday).

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Piotr Trumpiel said...

Actually I am a bit sad I won't have the chance to see your museum in its full richness and glory anymore. Not that I was able to go there in an instant - it was somehow a "bucket list" sort of goal. I do hope though that the stars will align somehow in the future so I could manage to visit your revised collection and be honoured by meeting in person the gentleman who gave so much to the Typosphere.

I am very grateful for the Groma Kolibri. It is very nice to see it amongst the design marvels at your presentation. I also hope you won't cease all your typewriter-related activities and you will be preaching about the power of the good old typeslug in years to come so there'll be another presentations (that you could use your black Kolibri for :) ).

Thank you for your generosity Robert.