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Tuesday 2 September 2014

120 Must-Go Typewriters

Following my post last night on the 82 typewriters I have earmarked to keep, I've been asked by a number of people who I know to be genuinely interested buyers - and who have been very satisfied with typewriters I have already sold them - to list some of the machines I am now selling. For their benefit, below is a list of 120 to choose from:

Adler Contessa (orange)
Adler Gabriele 25
Adler Model 7 x 2
Adler Tessy (orange red, QWERTZ)
Adler Tippa x 2 (earlier model)
Adler Tippa (later model, yellow)
Antares Little Star
SOLD Bantam
SOLD Bar-Lock portable
Bar-Lock 24, standard
Bijou folding portable in leather round-top case
Blick Universal
Brosette (silver grey, QWERTZ)
Cole Steel
Consul (red)
Continental portable x 2, SOLD shiny black 340 QWERTZ, and dark brown faux woodgrain
Corona 4, blue with gold panelling
UNDER OFFER Corona 4, black with gold panelling, going cheap, needs work.
Corona Skyriter
Corona Special flattop, red front panel and crown logo
SOLD Corona Standard ("Speedline") portable, shiny black
Corona Zephyr
SOLD Empire thrust-action portable
Erika 5 portable x 2 (bilingual and another, both shiny blacked spools)
Erika 9 (crinkle grey)
Erika 10 (large portable, green)
Erika 12
Erika M, shiny black QWERTZ
Gossen Tippa (fawn)
Gossen Tippa Pilot x 2 (fawn and burgundy)
SOLD Groma Kolibri, burgundy
Halda portable (green, red stripe)
Hermes 2000 x 2 (khaki green, hospital green)
HG Palmer (Smith-Corona) Sterling, light brown
Imperial Good Companion x 3 - Models 3 (nice shiny grey), 4 and 6
Maritsa 11 (cream, pale blue)
SOLD Mercedes Prima, exposed spools, shiny black
Mercedes Selekta portable, shiny black
Mercedes K45 (grey, QWERTZ)
Mercedes late portables x 2 (in Olivetti Dora mask, bright yellow and lime green, QWERTZ)
SOLD Monarch Pioneer portable (some red keytops)
Monarch Premier portable (black and red)
Montana Luxe ( = Hermes Baby, mustard with red keytops, QWERTZ)
Oliver portable (crinkle black, exposed spools)
SOLD Olivetti ICO MP1, shiny black
SOLD Olivetti early portable, crinkle black
Olivetti Studio 42, crinkle black
SOLD Olivetti Valentine (red)
Olympia Elite, shiny black
UNDER OFFER Olympia Monica, cream
UNDER OFFER Olympia SF x 2 (turquoise and grey, pink and grey)
Olympia SM, variety of models, green x 2, crinkle black, burgundy
UNDER OFFER Olympia SM7 (pink and grey)
Olympia SM9
UNDER OFFER Olympia Splendid 99 (red)
Olympia Traveller C (cream, made in China)
Optima Elite x 3, crinkle black, brown, dark silvery grey
Optima P1 ultraflat portable (pale green, QWERTZ)
Orel (Adler Model 7, QWERTZ)
Orga-Privat, shiny black in large metal case
SOLD Perkeo
SOLD Remie Scout (red and black)
SOLD Remington Noiseless, shiny black
Rheinmetall portables x 4, SOLD shiny black pre-war QWERTY, SOLD shiny black post-war QWERTZ, African mahogany, UNDER OFFER cream
SOLD Rooy (green, AZERTY)
Royal Companion (light brown)
Royal Eldorado, black and gold
Royal Junior
Royal Model O (crocodile skin blue)
Royal Model P (brown faux woodgrain)
Royal QDL, shiny light brown
Royal Roytab (pale blue)
Royal 10, crinkle black, standard
Sears Courier (Olivetti Lettera 22), dark red, white keytops
Senta portable, shiny black, full decals,  in large wooden box
UNDER OFFER Scheidegger (Princess) x 2, two-tone brown
Smith-Corona Golden Shield Courier
Smith Premier 10, standard
Stoewer Elite on wood base
Torpedo 15 portable, shiny black
Torpedo 17 portable, shiny black
Torpedo 18, later model, cream and brow
Torpedo 18 (early x 2, SOLD shiny black and crinkle green)
SOLD Torpedo 20 (light metallic green)
Triumph Gabriele 2 (two-tone brown)
Triumph Norm 6, burgundy, QWERTZ
Triumph Perfekt, early model, burgundy, QWERTZ
Triumph Perfekt later models, x 2 (cream and brown, one is QWERTZ)
Underwood Junior
Underwood Noiseless, crinkle black
UNDER OFFER Underwood Quiet Tab De Luxe (light green grey)
Underwood Universal (early version, Model 4, shiny black)
Underwood Universal (later model, crinkle black)
Underwood Model 4 with USB attachment
Urania portable x 2, shiny black QWERTZ, burgundy
SOLD Vendex (Brother, green)
Voss S24 (green)


Erik said...

Robert, Id be interested in the turquoise Oly SF and the black Corona 4 fixer-upper if you're willing to make an exception and ship them to the desert. I totally understand if you'd rather not. Contact me on G+.

Robert Messenger said...

Erik, can do. The only problem with the Corona 4 is a carriage one, mainspring and drawband. Nothing else. It's in good shape otherwise.

Piotr Trumpiel said...

Here's a big THANK YOU for my future machine on this list! :)

Erik said...

Yay! I'll email you my particulars and you can let me know the price and payment details.

Unknown said...

Oh, Robert. I only wish that I lived closer. :-/ The Torpedo 18 is on my wish list. Then there's the Bantam, the Mercedes and Erika M, and ... and ... and... :-)

Best of luck culling the herd!

Nat said...

Hey Rob,
I'll email you a list of machines I'm wanting :)

- Nat

Spiderwebz said...

O dear... Zetix found another Kolibri! ;-)

But, dang, there are some nice treats in there. Even stuff that's on my list. But I'm afraid shipping is far over my budget.

Piotr Trumpiel said...

@SpiderWebz: yeah! I'm already jumping up and down like a roo... (98%joy-2%impatience... or the other way around ;) ).

peebrain said...

Hi Robert, I sent you a mail! -Pei

Unknown said...

I have recently sent an email about two of the typewriters above and was wondering if I could also enquire about the Sears Courier. Thank you, hoping one of the three I'm interested in is still available.

Jessica Severin said...

Hi Robert, I am interested in one of your Gossen Tippa (orig or pilot) if they are still available.

Sebbles said...

Hi Robert,

I'm interested in one of the models listed here, if you are still selling them.

How would I go about contacting you?


Robert Messenger said...

Sorry, all gone!