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Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Exodus Continues - 82 Typewriters Will Stay

I'm pleased to say the process of significantly downsizing my typewriter collection goes on unabated.  So far it's been quite painless. Two friends arrived today and left with 12 typewriters, making 57 that have left here in the past 10 days. By Friday evening I'm hoping to have reached the 100 mark.
I'm glad this pair took the chance today to see the museum close to how it was earlier in the year, with more than 200 typewriters on display. The way things are going, it won't look like this for much longer. Shelves are already starting to empty.
One of the friends who visited commented, "Downsizing a typewriter collection is like trying to keep an inflated balloon under water. It keeps bouncing back, still inflated." He also said, "You can't seriously expect to get your collection down to 82 typewriters. There are far too many great machines here."
Well, I am serious, and below is the list of the 82 typewriters I have earmarked to hold on to. It will be much easier for me to handle a collection of 82 than 367 (now down to 310).

Alpina (grey-cream)
Astoria (Dunera Boys)
Bar-Let portable (Sherwood Forest green)
Barr portable (black, gift from Richard Polt)
4 Bennetts (including 2 Juniors)
4 Bijou/Erika portables
12 Blickenderfers (models 5 to 9, Featherweight, Home, Rem-Blick)
Continental portable (faux woodgrain)
7 Corona portables (including 4 Specials, Miles Franklin, gold-plated model 3, red model 4)
Everest Model 90 portable (burgundy)
Fox folding portable (gift from Richard Polt)
Gossen Tippa (red)
2 Groma portables (black model N and burgundy Kolibri)
Hall (Salem)
2 Hammonds (Ideal No 2, square keyboard No 2)
2 Hermes (Featherweight and black 2000)
Imperial Model B portable
Imperial Good Companion
Invicta portable (green)
Masspro (green)
New Yost
2 Noiseless portables
Oliver 5
2 Olivettis ( red ICO MP1, green Valentine)
5 Remington portables (models 1, 4, 5; Remette; Remington-Rand Model 1)
Remington 2 Standard
4 Royal portables (Signet, red-black Model O, sunburst Model P, grey-black QDL) 
Royal Standard 1 
2 Smith-Corona Series 5 portable (pink, 5TE electric)
Smith Premier portable (green)
4 Standard Foldings
Sun No 2
Torpedo 18
Tradition (Olympia)
6 Underwoods black, red Universal/Champion; Model 3, black, faux woodgrain model 4, Noiseless 77)
Voss Learnette
Winsor (gift from Richard Polt)


Ted said...

That's a nice set of keepers! (:

Glad to see it's not causing much regret to pare down. I bet you're making a lot of collectors happy with the ones you're letting go. :D

Piotr Trumpiel said...

That answers my question - thank you! ;)

Bill M said...

Good the down-sizing is working for you. You have seen more machines go than I have in my entire collection, including the ones I passed on to others.

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Ted, Piotr and Bill for your comments.
Yes, Piotr, I have put the burgundy Groma Model N aside for you, at no cost.