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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Hammond Typewriters: 130 Years Ago Today

Any day is a good day to take out the Hammond typewriters, celebrate them in appropriate fashion, and salute the eccentric James Bartlett Hammond Esquire.
But today happens to be the 130th anniversary of Hammond being issued with the patent in which he finally "got it right" as far as the shuttle typing action on his remarkable typewriter was concerned.
I could stand for hours watching, totally mesmerised, by the Hammond typing action, especially that little hammer at the back:
In applying for this patent, on January 10, 1882, Hammond referred back to his original designs, applied for in 1879 and issued in late 1880. Here is the one issued on February 7, 1882:
And here are some of the 1880 designs:


shordzi said...

Simply beautiful & great machines! Yours seem in excellent condition. Thanks also for the little videos.

Richard P said...

Gorgeous and ingenious devices. We are fortunate that so many have survived.