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Friday 24 February 2012

Typewriter lovers linked across the oceans in Virtual Type-In

A small piece of typewriter-lovers’ history was made this morning when Richard Polt in Cincinnati organised a 40-minute “Hang Out Type-In” on Google+ to mark International Typewriter Appreciation Month.
Richard hosted the event and Adwoa Bagalini in Geneva, Switzerland, Peter Baker in Tacoma, Washington, and myself in Canberra, Australia, were able to join in.
Richard described it as a “virtual type-in”, a multi-party video conference that was “a strange and enjoyable sort of event”.
Indeed it was. For me it was wonderful to be able to see and talk to my friends for the first time. And look at their typewriters ...
Richard commented that we may well look back on today and laugh about how primitive it was, but still it was fun.
And it was an historic occasion!
I look forward to doing it again some day ...
This is some of what I rambled on about as I typed on a Barr portable during the "hang out".


shordzi said...

See you guys next time!

Bill M said...

Great! It's good you all were able to get together.

Adwoa said...

Nice to meet you, Robert! Thanks for joining up; Richard and I were getting rather lonely :)