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Sunday 5 February 2012

New-look Cole Steel Portable Typewriter

After posting on my Cole Steel portable typewriter some time ago, I spotted on eBay a Cole Steel top for sale - no machine, just the top - in the US. It was a mere $16 (our exchange rate is excellent these days) and to me it looked blue - but you no doubt know full well how the colours in eBay listing images can be completely (and often very disappointingly) deceptive.
Anyway, I thought I'd get it to try on my Cole Steel. Yes, I know about the old saying, "Blue and green should never be seen", but the combination appeals to me. Anyway, the cover turned up and it was, of course, grey. So it doesn't quite work, I suspect. It may grow on me. For the time being, here is the Cole Steel with a slightly "new look":

1 comment:

TomR said...

Very cool, I like it! A Duo-Tone Cole Steel!