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Sunday 12 February 2012

Who Are These Guys, and What Are They Typing?

What is this? The Boston Typewriter Orchestra crossed with Kraftwerk? Some Orwellian vision?  Or something from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil? I can’t say, I don’t know.
What I do know is that this series of photographs was shot by Lawrence Manning, who seems to have a special interest in typewriters. Manning also took these images:
Manning is a founder of Hill Street Studios outside Los Angeles. 
Personally, I've always rated Richard Polt a top photographer, especially of a Remington 3B:


maschinengeschrieben said...

Interesting photos and nice machines. Thanks for sharing these.

Bill M said...

Very interesting photos. Kind of looks like something from a Jules Verne movie. Remember the old RCA logo with "His Masters Voice"? Perhaps the dog and typewriter could be "His Master's Words."

Richard P said...

It does look like they're 40,000 leagues under the sea.

Scott K said...

This whole thing looks very cinematic, but the with the lack of mes-en-scene, the image is too clean to be of a film. They've hidden the phone, there's only one piece of paper.. And there's nothing else to indicate direction of work other than the 'supervisor'.

It's also been loaded up as stock photography on F1, and one of the models used in the photo has been used in the past for other moody scene stock photography photos.

I don't think there's any real story to this one. The contempoary dress of the female model certainly points to this being a modern project. It's like a lot of photo studies projects that I've seen before.

What are those typewriters?

Scott K said...

GAH! SPELLING! Damn you Mondays... Damn you!

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Scott. They look like Underwoods to me, probably 5s. In the single typewriter pics there is a Remington 3B, an Olivetti Studio 44 and an LCSmith (5?).

Robert Messenger said...

Sorry Scott, on second thoughts that standard-size machine is a Remington, maybe a 12?

Robert Messenger said...

I'm suffering early morning Mondayitis, too, Scott, it's a 10 - I can see the 10 now!