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Saturday 25 February 2012

Tough Typospherian Tattoo

I won this typewriter tattoo in a competition run by Richard Polt on his Writing Ball blog. Entrants had to come up with something a Tough Typospherian might say. I threw some barbs at the writer of this blog and his unethical editing behaviour with typecasts.
Duly the tattoo arrived from Cincinnati, with a charming letter written on a gold-trimmed Olympia SM4 called Marie Antoinette, on the back of the instruction sheet - you know, how to hold the tattooing needle straight and grip a leather strap between your teeth - all that sort of thing.
Yes - I'm a Tough Typospherian: I tattooed myself!
Richard is now daring me to wear the tattoo and my typewriter key necktie "for a specially eccentric effect!" Now that would be a tough look!
Meanwhile, Richard is feeling like a plutocrat for typing with Marie Antoinette and I'm feeling like a bikie gang member for wearing a tattoo.
Anyway, thank you for the tat, Richard ...


Bill M said...


Richard P said...

You're welcome! You look like a typing gang member now (and for the next week).

notagain said...

Wore mine today too! Thanks Richard!

shordzi said...

True dedication to the cause - respect!