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Friday 10 February 2012

Otto's Corona Typewriter Tripod

Not satisfied with turning Franklin (Frank) Sebastian Rose's Standard Folding Typewriter into the famous Corona 3, Otto Petermann also designed and patented the Corona 3's tripod.
Petermann, who was born in Switzerland in 1872, was still a Swiss citizen but living in Groton when he applied for the tripod's patent 97 years ago this week (see patent pending stamp on framework below). It was assigned to the Corona Typewriter Company and issued on November 20, 1917.
Petermann lived in London before shipping out from Boulogne in 1904 to settle in New York.
One of these can be seen in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, where, as US typewriter collector and historian Ned Brooks can tell you, it supports the Corona 3 used by Australian war historian Charles Bean. Ned visited the War Memorial in Canberra in 1975.
A Canadian soldier uses the Corona 3 and tripod during World War I.
This tripod is from Wim Van Rompuy's Collection at
This tripod advertisement and tripod are from Herman Price's Collection at the Chesnut Ridge Typewriter Museum at
***The Corona 3 this year celebrates the centenary of its launch.


Rob Bowker said...

I wonder how many were made?

Richard P said...

Couldn't have been very many -- they are very hard to find today.