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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hemingway Hamburger: Mary Welsh's Typewritten Recipe

"I feel like hamburgers for dinner tonight, Mary."
"OK, Papa, I'll order the ingredients"

"Yum, you've followed the recipe to perfection!"

"These hamburgers are so good I'll feed them to the cats."

McGrath's article, as it appeared in The New York Times, can be read here. It contains links to the material.


Richard P said...

Neat! I should try the recipe.

I note that alcohol is prominently present in all the photos.

Robert Messenger said...

Now, now ... I'm sure that's Coke in the glass in the last shot!
What we don't see is typewriters and alcohol in the same photos.

notagain said...

Is India relish anything like Major Grey's chutney? Because that stuff makes a nice burger when it caramelizes on the grill.