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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Underwood Master Model Typewriter

Serial number: M45068634-11 (11-inch carriage); late 1939 or early 1940

Below, Atlantic City, 1935


Scott K said...

Well done getting that back together Rob!

Robert Messenger said...

Thanks Scott.
BTW, there's an early Antares Parva, imported from Italy by Tom at North Carlton, for sale on eBay at $1!

Robert Messenger said...


Scott K said...

Looking now. By the way, did you see that I finally got around to writing up the Canberra Type-in at your place, on my blog?

Richard P said...

Love that giant typewriter. And the real Master is almost as massive! Good job getting it back together.

Don Lampert said...

A man after my own heart. What a nice thing to come home tonight to your Underwood "Master". I just recently got my second, and passed on my first to another lucky person. I love the Streamlined styling, they type very nicely, and they do grow on you. I'll ask, but you've probably blogged about it already, do we know who designed it??
I love the New York World Fair connection, and having gone to the 64-65 NY World's Fair many times as a kid, at the same site, I feel like I've kind of "been there".
Does any of our group know what happened to the giant one - did it get broken up for the "war effort" or is it sitting in a warehouse somewhere just waiting to be rediscovered??!!

Don Lampert said...

I see that Wikopedia says that it was scrapped for the war effort - too bad!

Bill M said...

That giant typewriter must have been something to see in real life.
I had to find your post on the Master as I did not recall reading it.

The master does not look all that much different from others of the period except for the decal on the paper tray, metal trim around the keys and the door on the front panel.

Great job on restoring it.

One day I may get one, oh, and a 5 also, but typewriter funds are very very limited.

shordzi said...

Just got a "Master" - very chic machine! Thanks for your post.