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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Typewriter Update, January 2014

Cecil Effinger-designed Allen Musicwriter
This is from the same seller, 'Winged Pen' in Bend, Oregon, 
who had the pink Oliver for sale.
The Melbourne S & G
Ed Neuert, new editor of ETCetera
Typex editor Mike Brown
Jasper Lindell
Typewriter clicking: Mono Lisa
Heather Nisbet and the Horton. Below, E.E. himself
 Lasse Munk 
It looks like a Consul to me
Hobart Reese
Keith Sharon
Tim Youd and his work
Robert Service
Gordon Martin
 An Iranian visits the former American embassy now turned into a museum in Tehran. Equipment and photographs that belonged to American diplomatic staff are displayed.
All of the world's Internet connections in 1969.
Try reading this ribbon, or putting a bug inside!

Miss Typewriter, January 2014
A huge thank-you to the reader who sent this in.
Other finalists:


Ray said...

Robert, what about valuations for insurance purposes (in case some clown decided to use a typewriter to smash a window - I read that happens)? Not that anything in our collection is worth insuring, but packing up to move back to Canberra I've decided not to have the removalists touch the typewriters and insurance was one of the considerations. Now after reading your post I would be interested to hear what others do in this regard. Also, I wholeheartedly approve of your selection for Miss Typewriter January!

Robert Messenger said...

Ray, you should talk to John Lavery about his experiences with removalists and insurance.
I know what my own typewriters are worth. I know what I paid for them. I know what condition they are in because I look at them every day. I have a very fair idea of what the replacement value would be.
My typewriters are insured, both as house contents and in storage. They were also insured by CMAG when they went on display in the exhibition in 2012, and I had to value those that went on display.
As I said, this is not a paid service. I evaluate my own machines, not those belonging to someone else. You run a great risk of insulting people, for one thing. Many people who aren't collectors and don't know better put a much higher value on their machines than can be warranted.

Scott K said...

I've personally found that there's no quicker way to mount a high-horse than off a keyboard. Even if it is me mounting that high horse, and it's one of my many keyboards. So yeah.

Mind you, this was probably one of the tamer internet rows that I have been involved with.

Anonymous said...

I'm too much of a philistine to have ever attended the ballet. But I did watch the Youtube video as suggested and I enjoyed it! Like you Robert, I think I should get off the Internet and do some writing! :)

Scott K said...

Oh yeah, and DAMN that red Olympia is hot!

(Oh, yeah... and I've customised typewriters too)

Nat said...

I can't believe how my little request blew up to a crazy debate. I ended up getting two machines from the seller, the Royal and a Corona 4. More when I get them to a safe house, hah.

Good luck with the books Robert, you deserve a good break too!

JP H. said...

I'm not proud of having offended anyone with my comments, but I felt it would have been dishonest to delete the comments I made after the fact so I left them.

For what it's worth, douche-canoe in the context in which I used it refers to a person who is very douchey, as defined here:

Richard P said...

Well, if anyone has earned a break from blogging, it's you. But I am glad to know that you'll be working on a book. That's an excellent idea. Thanks for this update.