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Sunday 2 February 2014

Random Thoughts on Getting Inside Llewyn Davis

Antares Little Star
 Three and a little star out of five 
*Richard will no doubt think the Canberra heat is frying my brain, and he may well be right!


Anonymous said...

I agree Rob, it's an odd choice of spelling for a supposedly Welsh name - especially so given that their main character in No Country for Old Men was a "Llewelyn Moss". Still, I didn't let it spoil my enjoyment of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'. The only Coen Brothers movies I've been disappointed by are 'True Grit' and 'Burn Before Reading'.

Richard P said...

Ha ha ... yes, I think you may be experiencing some heat-induced abnormalities! ;)

That photo dates from about 1996, so I was about 32. The Classic Typewriter Page, which started at the end of 1994, is visible on the screen behind me.

shordzi said...

Thanks a lot for this review, which I find very fitting. And you are the perfect person to review it. Looking forward to more. Richard's cameo in here, excellent!

Rob Bowker said...

Good to see Richard's cultivated demeanour has only improved with time. My cure for fried brain? Get bucket. Fill with cold water. Breathe in. Put head in bucket. Take head out of bucket. Breathe out. I watched a Cohen Bros film, A Serious Man a week ago. I'm still trying to figure it out.