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Monday 3 February 2014

Random Thoughts On ...

.Never having to say 'Sorry'
(Erich Segal, Love Story)
. A Superb Owl
(The morepork, or ruru)
.Raiding with the Crimson Permanent Assurance
.Sticky finger
.The Big Bang Theory
(Go Sheldon!)
. e.e.cummings
(and his freewheelin' typewriter)
.Yearning for one snowflake
(it's refreshing just looking at it)
.And the shade of one gravestone


Bill M said...

Oh, yes the over promoted over everything super bowl. I prefer real football (Soccer here in the States) or Australian Rules Football. Playing them actually as I find watching sports on TV extremely boring and broadcasting them worse. Going to a High School Football or Basketball game -- fun.

One thing drives me crazy is the way word processing programs want to do things for me I do not want them to do and not being able to disable those functions.

Bill M said...

Repeats on TV. We are loaded with them here also. The major broadcasters wonder why they are loosing viewers. Then all they do is air repeats. Mrs.M likes them. I seldom watch unless it is a good movie.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to learn the origin of "doolally". I've never heard it used with "tap", but in my native West Yorkshire we often used "tapped" to refer to someone who was crazy. I never understood why until now. :)