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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Seven Rare, Valuable Typewriters For Sale

OK, so here’s the situation. I’ve hit the wall financially. I have to sell some of my most precious (to me, anyway) and valuable typewriters, quickly.
B U T … don’t get the wrong idea. This is not a “fire sale”. I have spent a lot of money on these typewriters and wouldn’t be “giving any of them away” for less than what they’re truly worth.
So anyone genuinely interested in any of these seven typewriters - make me an offer I can’t refuse.
If anyone is interested in another typewriter (not listed here) that they are aware I own, don't hesitate to make an offer on it. It doesn't cost anything to ask.
But please don’t insult me while I’m down.  Make it a serious offer. Contact me at

 Animal keyboard
 Music keyboard


Nat said...

Sorry to hear about your financial trouble Robert! :(
Things will get well soon.

Spiderwebz said...

Sorry to hear Robert! Unfortunately I'm in no position to buy at the moment, but I'm sure someone else will give you an offer you cannot refuse. Good luck parting with these machines. :-(

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Nat and Spider for your kind thoughts. The RQDL at the top has sold already, so that's a good start and will help me a lot.

Rob Bowker said...

Good luck with the sales - I hope you get what they are worth, they are some well presented and sought after machines you have going there. I'd pitch in gladly but it has been a cruel winter here too.

shordzi said...

Good luck with this - and the Tide will change.

Bill M said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles Robert. I also am not in a position to buy any machines.
I do know I would be digging myself really deep into a hole though if that Gold Royal was not sold. I've always liked those.

Don Lampert said...

Good luck Robert!
It seems that times are tough for many of us. I seem to be slowly falling further and further behind $$ wise. Luckily, like you, I have a lifetimes collection of antiques and collectables that I've been selling off bit by bit. It actually feels better than I thought.
To me, the most important things are our community, and the friends and great people in my life. You, and the rest of our "Typosherians, mean a lot to me!
Wish I could just send you $1,000. as you've enriched my life greatly! Thanks
Yes, love the gold Royals!