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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Danes See Red: Swiss Given Credit for Writing Ball!

COPENHAGEN, Today (MIPS): A diplomatic row has erupted here over claims from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry that the Hansen Writing Ball was invented by a Swiss "whose name is unrecorded". 
"Utter poppycock," declared Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark. "Even an Australian, a Tasmanian at that, would know that it's a Danish invention. Rasmus Malling-Hansen doesn't sound very Swiss to me. Let the Swiss be proud of their cheese, but the Hansen Writing Ball is ours!"
Switzerland, meanwhile, is denying being a party to this false claim. "Nothing to do with us," said Crown Prince Georg. "When we hear the words 'Writing Ball', we think of a Cincinnati typewriting blog. A pretty darned good one, too, I might add!"

*The incriminating evidence of this July 9, 1945, oversight has been sent to me in Canberra from the archives of The Baltimore Sun


Richard P said...

Hmmmph! Reminds me of when one of my students referred dismissively to Kierkegaard as "some Dutch guy."

Scott K said...

There's just not enough writing balls to go around, it seems.

maschinengeschrieben said...

That is just plain stupid. In Switzerland, nobody would invent a writing ball, as they always roll down our mountains!

Ton S. said...

Not a proud moment for Chicago.

shordzi said...

Where an I find this girl? I would love to repair her typewriters.

Ryan Adney said...

Hey lady, the keyboard is supposed to go in the front.