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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Danes See Red: Swiss Given Credit for Writing Ball!

COPENHAGEN, Today (MIPS): A diplomatic row has erupted here over claims from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry that the Hansen Writing Ball was invented by a Swiss "whose name is unrecorded". 
"Utter poppycock," declared Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark. "Even an Australian, a Tasmanian at that, would know that it's a Danish invention. Rasmus Malling-Hansen doesn't sound very Swiss to me. Let the Swiss be proud of their cheese, but the Hansen Writing Ball is ours!"
Switzerland, meanwhile, is denying being a party to this false claim. "Nothing to do with us," said Crown Prince Georg. "When we hear the words 'Writing Ball', we think of a Cincinnati typewriting blog. A pretty darned good one, too, I might add!"

*The incriminating evidence of this July 9, 1945, oversight has been sent to me in Canberra from the archives of The Baltimore Sun


Richard P said...

Hmmmph! Reminds me of when one of my students referred dismissively to Kierkegaard as "some Dutch guy."

Scott Kernaghan said...

There's just not enough writing balls to go around, it seems.

maschinengeschrieben said...

That is just plain stupid. In Switzerland, nobody would invent a writing ball, as they always roll down our mountains!

Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) said...

Not a proud moment for Chicago.

shordzi said...

Where an I find this girl? I would love to repair her typewriters.

Ryan Adney said...

Hey lady, the keyboard is supposed to go in the front.