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Monday, 12 November 2012

Great Typewriters Keep On Coming On

This was the view from the balcony outside my bedroom at dawn this morning. Bright things definitely lay beyond the horizon (or Red Hill, in this case).
For the second time in less than a week, three beautiful typewriters arrived in the one day: a German-made Remtor portable, a British-made Remington Home portable, and an original Bambino.
The Bambino, which arrived from Israel, is seen here behind its predecessor, a Frolio 5, which I unpacked from among the typewriters that were on exhibition so I could compare it with its younger sibling.
So here is a sneak preview of four typewriters I will be posting on soon. All four are in very good working order. I am especially impressed with the typing action of the Remtor, though the Rem Home goes like the clappers, too. The Remtor, by the way, is a name variation of the Deutsche Remington Alan Seaver has in his collection, at Machines of Loving Grace.
Just six days after my unforgettable "Great Green Day", during which a Corona Streamliner, an Orel and a Hammond Multiplex all arrived within a few hours, I feel as though my typewriter collecting luck is still holding.


Scott K said...

Ohhhhh ahhhh... That Remtor looks gorgeous.

Bill M said...

Fine looking typewriters.

Rob Bowker said...

While I filter my eBay search with "UK", you just snap the filter off and take in the whole world. Israel? The postage must be a killer! Cute though (the typewriter, I mean).

Richard P said...

A great day indeed!

Did you see the silly story about the "first Hebrew typewriter" that is really just a predecessor of that Bambino?

Martin A. Rice, Jr. said...

The Remtor is sure pretty! Reminds me of a Remington no. 3 portable or a Junior.