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Thursday 24 January 2013

First Australian Type-In: March 10, Brisbane

We will be celebrating the centenary of this young lady
being photographed typing in Brisbane in 1913.
A type-in will be held in Brisbane on March 10, seven weeks hence. To the best of my knowledge, this will be Australia's first type-in. Well, at least the first since June Dally-Watkins gave the last of her typing classes, anyway.
What details are so far available can be found at Scott Kernaghan's Filthy Platen blog right here. If you are keen to join Scott and I and our prize typewriters (spare machines can be provided for those who would like to join in but don't yet have a typewriter), please register your interest on Scott's post or email him at
Mr K


Ted said...

First Aussie Type-In - Whoop! :D

shordzi said...


Jasper Lindell said...

If only I could magic myself to Brisbane... It's sounding very cool and exciting, hopefully the movement migrates back with you to Canberra!