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Wednesday 9 January 2013

On This Day in Typewriter History: The Ingenious Mr Spiro

PART 229
On this day (January 8) in 1889, Charles Spiro was issued with one of the patents for his Columbia index typewriter.

This occasion gives us the chance to look at a wonderful October 1909 feature article in Typewriter Topics, covering the "ingenious Mr Spiro's" 24-year career in typewriter inventing:


Miguel Chávez said...

No wonder the index typewriters didn't catch on. I can't imagine trying to type a document longer than a couple of pages with those machines. I bet the user would be suffering from numb hands and pain in the wrists after a few typed pages.

Richard P said...

I have one of those single-keyboard Bar-Locks on its way to me (from the UK). Can't wait!