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Wednesday 16 January 2013

For the Benefit of Dr Sommeregger

For six long weeks it played on my mind. How can I pay adequate and due tribute to Georg, my ESP buddy in Basel, for his wonderful King's Treasure of December 8? See Sommeregger's Sammelsurium ("ragbag").
Then a page from the sixth edition (1902-08) of Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, published by the Bibliographical Institute in Leipzig, turned up.  Yes, someone has cut pages from an old encyclopedia, for the sake of selling some typewriter ephemera at an online flea market. A bit like cutting keytops off old typewriters for cheap jewelry, I suppose. Shame on me for supporting this trade!
Anyway, I'd spotted this on eBay, and was keen to get the images of the Senta, Erika (Bijou), Nova (Sun No 2) and Blickensderfer. So I bought it. When it arrived I naturally checked out the reverse side to see what unexpected treasure it held. It was Georg's King's Treasure, the beautiful Mignon Modell 2.
So here it is, Georg, with my heartiest congratulations of such a magnificent find.
And here is what I bought the page for:
I believe in liberating typewriter images. The more I am able to liberate, that little less likely someone is to cut pages from an old encyclopedia and sell them on eBay - typewriter lovers can get them here for free!

1 comment:

notagain said...

Very nice images.
Now that you've liberated them, send it back for a refund and complain about the destroyed book!