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Friday 4 January 2013

Making a Typewriter a Minute: Visit the Remington Factory in 1905

A 20th Century Marvel

Machines that 'Pulsate in Unison'
Typewriters Readied for "Risky" Journey to New Zealand
and other 'Ends of the Earth'
Thanks to a fascinating, detailed two-page article in the March 11, 1905, edition of Scientific American, we are able to step back in time 108 years and visit the Remington Typewriter Company factory in Ilion in the Mohawk Valley of New York:
Reducing Pantagraph for Making Letter Dies


shordzi said...

I can read your latest entry before going to sleep, or when I get up - always a pleasure!

Scott K said...

Interesting article. I've always found looking back at the manufacturing processes of yester-year quite fascinating.

And I'd imagine - in 1905 the technology used to ship such machines to NZ would have indeed been a risky venture. It is so easy to forget how safe transport - and even our workplaces (can you see a single safety guard on any of those machines above) have come.

Great stuff!

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Georg and Scott. I have added some larger grayscale scans of the images, so you can see the better.

Richard P said...

Great story. I wish I could have a machine fresh off the factory floor -- the alignment and everything must have been very satisfying.

The detail that the typewriters were upside down in their boxes, bolted to the top, is odd!